First of all The Green Motel is a recording studio based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. TGM was founded in 2002 and is runned by Maarten Besseling.

The Green Motel Studio
Right after he graduated at the SAE (International School of Audio Engineering) in 2002 Maarten started his own recording studio under the name: The Green Motel. In this studio Maarten worked with a big variety of musicians and music styles (such as Room Eleven, Minus The Tiger and the Marzio Scholten Quartet), recorded tons of demos and albums, and recorded over a hundred Dutch audio books (such as 'De Zwarte met het Witte Hart' by Arthur Japin, 'The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy' by Jan Meng and 'Hersenschimmen' by J.Bernlef).

In 2012 Maarten relocates his studio to an amazing spot in the center of the city of Utrecht, next to an old Dutch mill.
Besides the regular audio productions Maarten also teaches Music Studio Techniques, two days a week, at the Herman Brood Academie.

Tour Management & Funding
Because of a big cultural network due to Maarten's In A Cabin With project he bookes several tours for artists like Aestrid, Minus The Tiger, Neonbelle, Chop Wood and others. Also because of his expertise on writing project plans and funding applications he also tries to get tour support from several funding organisation like Dutch Embassies and NFPK. In 2012 and 2013 the Canadian tours of Minus The Tiger and Aestrid were financially supported by NFPK or the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa.

In A Cabin With
While running his recording studio Maarten founded the recording project In A Cabin With in 2005. In A Cabin With is an international recording project which invites various (Dutch) musicians to travel to an unique location anywhere in the world to write, produce and record an entire album in collaboration with local musicians. The main goal of In A Cabin With is to create an ongoing collaboration with musicians all over the world and establish clusters to learn and play music together.
Recent projects: Kyteman in Thailand in collaboration with The Bangkok Symphonic Orchestra, Bettie Serveert in Australia in collaboration with the band You Am I ('De Dijk' of Australia), Janne Schra (Room Eleven, Schradinova) and Benjamin Herman (New Cool Collective) in Shanghai China in collaboration with local string and brass ensembles and L'Abattoir, a Dutch collaboration between six musicians from all music styles who have never worked before recorded in Casablanca Marocco including Sticks (Fakkelbrigade, ex-opgezwolle), Daan Schinkel (zZz) and Joppe Molenaar (Voicst)). In 2010 In A Cabin With also started to book and organise international tours/live presentations with the most succesful In A Cabin With bands. For example: a Candian tour with Chop Wood, Neonbelle and Stan Diego and a In A Cabin With presentation at The Dutch Cultural Center in Shanghai, August 2010. All the In A Cabin With sessions are supported by The Dutch Embassy/Consulate. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 In A Cabin With was supported by Music Center The Netherlands. www.inacabinwith.com


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  • Album production, recording and mixing
  • (tour) Management
  • Cultural international relations
  • Cultural productions & bookings (festivals, tours, mappings and events)
  • Cultural fundraising
  • Music productions (worldwide)



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  • Canada tour management and bookings for Aestrid
  • Starting April 2013 The Green Motel / Maarten Besseling will take care of all the international relations, publishing (contacts), planning and administration for STUDIO TAKT and KR∆MPFH∆FT
  • Recording and mixing a full length album for Candy Barville
  • Knalland recordings and mixing for the upcoming album
  • Pien Feith is using the studio to prepare for their new live shows
  • Aestrid overdubs for their new album (Function Records, UK)
  • Full Erny Green album recording and mixing
  • In a Cabin with Brasil-Netherlands exchange recordings with Jasper Verhulst (Moss), Bjorn Ottenheim (zZz), Michiel Klein (Eklin/Adept) and Marcia Castro (BRA)
  • More...