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Read more about The Green Motel here.


  • Album production, recording and mixing
  • (tour) Management
  • Cultural international relations
  • Cultural productions & bookings (festivals, tours, mappings and events)
  • Cultural fundraising
  • Music productions (worldwide)


  • Canada tour management and bookings for Aestrid
  • Starting April 2013 The Green Motel / Maarten Besseling will take care of all the international relations, publishing (contacts), planning and administration for STUDIO TAKT and KR∆MPFH∆FT
  • Recording and mixing a full length album for Candy Barville
  • Knalland recordings and mixing for the upcoming album
  • Pien Feith is using the studio to prepare for their new live shows
  • Aestrid overdubs for their new album (Function Records, UK)
  • Full Erny Green album recording and mixing
  • In a Cabin with Brasil-Netherlands exchange recordings with Jasper Verhulst (Moss), Bjorn Ottenheim (zZz), Michiel Klein (Eklin/Adept) and Marcia Castro (BRA)
  • More...